June 7, 2021

Please check the Blog tab for information on the Mahotsavam Festival. We hope to see our devotees in attendance!

Our Mission.

Our main mission at Arulmigu Bhuvaneshwari Amman Temple is to foster a setting where Hindu culture can be celebrated, uplifted, and cherished. For our full mission statement please visit the About tab.

Website Directory

Our website has five main categories, in order to assist you in navigating our website here is some information:

About: This section gives information on the Temple’s Mission Statement and purposes.

Contact: Provides contact information, location information and links to our social media.

Blog: Posts regarding Temple events and updates, check here regularly to stay up to date on relevant information regarding the Temple.

Festivals: Contains information regarding festivals such as the dates certain festivals fall on and specific information regarding the festival itself.

Deities: Contains information regarding each Deity present within the Temple.

Contact Information

Arulmigu Bhuvaneshwari Amman Temple primarily uses email and telephone to communicate with our devotees. We also have a Facebook page and Whatsapp group. For more information please visit the Contact Us tab.

Contact Us

230 Wilkinson Road, Brampton, Ontario, L6T 4N7

[email protected]



With a multitude of Hindu deities, we foster an atmosphere where a large portion of Hindu culture is represented and celebrated. For more information please visit the Deities tab.


We put an emphasis on fantastic service and provide all manner of Hindu religious services. For more information please contact us.


We celebrate a wide variety of Hindu festivals and conduct poojas to bring the Hindu community together. For more information please visit the Festivals tab.